en Twitter (NP) – Twenty years creating urban developments, civil construction and architectural designs reached the group directed by the architect Giuseppe Fallone and his companies: Constructora JMT 67 & Giaccof Diseños.

During the two decades of the group’s creation, led by the architect Giuseppe Fallone, it has demonstrated an impeccable work ability and an exact execution in the delivery of more than 120 remodeling of facades, facings, houses’ development and construction of apartments and private constructions in the Gran Caracas; on the other hand, the Constructora JMT 67 is leader in the execution time for the delivery of civil engineering works of high social impact and urban necessities. The quantity, variety and heterogeneity of clients and partners of development, as the architect Fallone qualifies them, certify the sincerity, capacity, honesty and work of the Group JMT 67 & Giaccof Diseños.


Constructora JMT 67 / Imagen referencial.

Clients and partners of development of the Grupo JM 67 & Giaccof Diseños: Hotel Eurobuilding, Hotel Meliá Caracas, Bomberos de San Bernardino, Distribuidora Equiofica, Materiales Brasil, Panadería Delli Paris, Unión Europea, Embajada de la República de Francia, Tiendas Merrel Sambil, Centro Comercial Trolly, Torre EXA, Tienda Vitrishower, Grupo Masalud, CCCT, Esika de Venezuela, Grupo Lexmarck, Sharp de Venezuela, Tiendas de Una, Spa Nouvel, Tiendas Calipso, Alianza Francesa, Heladería Frappe, Restaurant Atlantis, Restaurant Positano, Restaurant Vía Appia, Pro Seguros, Fletes GAG, Policlínica Americana, Centro De Salud el Cafetal, Impresos Rey, Grupo Salón Cantón, Restaurant Il Caminetto, Grupo Ávila Burger, Restaurant la Trufa, Inversiones Vistalparque, Hotel Pestana, Complejo Habitacional el Hatillo, Complejo Vacacional Náutico 705 among many others. Similarly the Architect Fallone indicated that Institutions of the State and transnational companies of large tradition have hired the services of his companies, as well as Weatherford America, Springfield Int. of USA and Odebrecht of Brasil. State institutions and companies as Pdvsa, Seniat, Vicepresidencia de la República, Fundación Misión Milagros, FEDE, Metro de Caracas, Minfra, Conviasa, MOPVI and the Fundación Hugo Chávez Frías.

At the beginning of this year 2016, the Group JMT 67 agreed a business and works proposal to attend the mark Polyflex, specialized in the utilization of polyvinyl resins to build highways without the asphalt use and mainly in lands of hard geography.

Polyflex got some agreements with Pdvsa to construct the road Troncal 15 that interconnects townships as El Salto, Coloradito and adjacent areas, with the national highway Bolívar – El Tigre, which will also be benefited with the posterior arrival of the electrical energy and easy exit for agricultural products of the area. Polyflex is a mark by which it is knew an innovative product of plastic nature that uses recycled wastes as basis, through which is aspired to cover about three thousand kilometers of highways in the Monagas, Anzoátegui and Bolívar states, where the Orinoco Oil Belt expands itself.

Constructora JMT 67 was selected by Polyflex de Venezuela, as the suitable company for the process of the chemist’s application, considering the experience in the construction area and the availability of the necessary equipment to complete this job that not alone benefits the area’s inhabitants, but to the whole country, since many of the new roads will contribute to optimize the speed and operation of oil industry with the oil exploitation through the adoption of more drills and irruption of new wells.


Giaccof diseños / Imagen referencial.

All the above-mentioned include a multimillion-dollar investment on the part of Pdvsa for Polyflex, and it has attracted the interest of the Constructora JMT 67 since these pavements based on plastic resins could be applied in the private sector.

Constructora JMT 67 considers that parks, parking lots, aerodromes, sport facilities, housings, etc., would be benefited with the benefits of a “paved” that it is not so sensitive to the climate conditions, it doesn’t contaminate, it offers excellent resistance to the water and it reduces costs.

It is important to emphasize due to the professional and technical success of the group led by the architect Fallone, its companies and staffs have expanded to Europe, Caribbean and United States.

Giuseppe Fallone and his companies in these 20 uninterrupted years of work have demonstrated the confidence for the country and they continue betting and investing in favor of the integral development of Bolívar’s Homeland.

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